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Grand Engineering Equipment Corp. (for short GEEC)is one of the subsidiary of the Grand Group . As a professional manufacturer of construction equipments in China, GEEC supports professional users in their daily work.


Right from the outset, the company has designed, manufactured and marketed all its products under the GRAND trademark.


Our Vision:

GEEC continues to work towards the goal of being a first-class enterprise, to nurture first-class talents and to make first-class contributions.
 · We will build a world’s top brand;
 · We endeavor to become an outstanding leader in the equipment manufacturing industry and a world-class company commanding the respect of all the people;
 · We will provide customers with diamond products and services, and are building a better future for the human beings.


Our Mission:
We believe “Quality Creates the Future”. Today this has a deeper meaning.
 · Our goal is to display the world’s highest quality.
 · With our people-oriented belief, we are always willing to help our employees succeed by offering them benefits and opportunities from corporate development so that they can live a decent and dignified life.
 · We undertake social responsibilities regardless of the nations and passing on GEEC’s excellent corporate culture to the whole world.

Main products:

Concrete Pump,Concrete Mixer,Concrete vibrator, Concrete Cutter, Plate Compactor,Site Dumper, Rammer, Power Trowel,Power Screed, Road Roller, Water Pump

Target groups:

Construction, municipal bodies, landscaping and gardening, agriculture, and companies in the industrial and recycling sectors